Free Virtual Online Games

Today the world is experiencing advancement in computer technology due to development in information technology. Usage of internet has made a drastic change. Even in case of games. Various online games are available to play with players worldwide. Advancement in technology made a magic in online games. The most excited product of this advanced technology with the help of internet is Virtual Online Games. A virtual world is computer generated online environment. We can find millions of user for online virtual games.

With the advancement of internet, online games have become the most popular among all age group. You can start playing game just by logging to various sites of online games. You get various options to choose. The conventional sports games such as basket ball, cricket, hockey, football, tennis, etc were originally introduced to play online, which have been left far behind. Online games are now becoming more and more interesting and interactive as you are playing the game actually. These games come in various categories such as 3D, people, pets, babies and horses.

There are some virtual games like Second Life, where we can find schools are having classes. Here teacher can teach easily with the help of slideshows and student no need to go to school. The student can watch and listen the teacher from comfort of own home. We can find various types of virtual online pet games such as dog virtual pet game, car virtual pet game, dog and cat virtual game, fish, cattle, cow, steer, horse, bull, camel, chicken, etc virtual pet games are available to play online. In these virtual pet games you have to design your pet and you can play with online.

You can even make a design a virtual plant or child to play online virtual games. Avatar is the most online virtual game. Here you can change the appearance of hair style, body features, and facial features and so on. Changes in clothing style by selecting the inventory, changing the accessories, equipments of your choice is available. You can even communicate with another online player either by chatting in writing or by voice chats. Communication is also possible with gestures. Type whatever you want to talk in the dialog box, select the user and press enter. Gestures can also be selected from the inventory. This second life virtual game also provides fly options to its users.

You can play online virtual games of sports. Every virtual sports game is the replica of game of its corresponding sports. People involved in playing online sports virtual games take it real which is more precipitated by online rating system.

Let us have a list of Virtual Online Games those are very popular among the children and adults. Second life, world of warcraft, playstations, the Sims 3, IMVU, Blue Mars, Avatar, Utherverse, Kaneva, Active world, Meet Me, etc. All these virtual games are based on two dimensional and three dimensional effects. Most of them allow live chat either in written or voice chat.

Drifting Games

Drifting is well known for drift racing, which is the way a car operates by sliding on the streets from corner to corner while hitting the brakes or pulling the hand brakes. In drifting games cars race against each other on streets filled with obstacles like poles, boxes, other cars and many other things. One of the greatest objective while drift racing is making perfect well curves while just steering on the wheels been moved only by the power of the speed and not by hitting the accelerator.

Today drifting games have gone from the streets to online as well, you are able to play drifting games by just using your computer, there is no need to risk getting inside a car and trying to learn about drift racing. You are able to score points by showing your ability while handling the cars and performing drifting moves.

Drifting was invented by a Japanese professional, but before it was made or considered a real sport, there were already many unknown groups of people practicing this sport in neighborhoods, people would just gather around for some fun in the streets and allow the drifting games begin. The act of making a car drift in a perfect way can only be achieved by a professional with lots of experience in this practice. The drift work has most of its work done in the front wheels, so good handling is a must, this happens because the weight that is distributed and the torque are totally separate, comparing to the read part of a car.

The biggest and most used techniques in drifting racing are the use of the clutch and the way the driver uses the breaks, combining all this together, we have a driver running at a fair speed, and while getting ready to perform the turn, the driver pulls the side emergency brake allowing the car to lose the traction from the rear end and slide, performing the drift; a very experienced driver would be able to use the steering wheel and perform the drift exactly as he wants to.

Today these techniques have been applied to games allowing you to make use of this while playing car games online or car drifting games. Many gamers online compete in games where they are allowed to record their scores as to how they overcome certain obstacles. In the end it’s a lot of fun to learn about drifting games and how they started to become really popular, we can all give many thanks to our friends over in Japan for turning it into a very risky and at the same time safe game.

Variety is the Spice of Gaming

Earlier only kids used to play games however today it is no more the same scenario. Everyone enjoys gaming and with increase in demand of various types of entertainment, there is huge supply in the market as well.

New launches occur in market almost every day. Some of them become popular and some remain as unknown. Today there are specific features of games which make them special for a particular group of people.

These games can be played by anyone but still they are meant for a specific targeted group. Let us look at various popular games:

Car Games: These have always been in demand. Young boys or your father; everyone loves them. The best part is that they are available in huge variety. There are racing and puzzle games around cars.

One can play that alone with computer as a competitor or at the same time these games can be played with two players.

Girl Games: These are definitely a bit different from other games available in the market. Most of these are related to dressing up and makeover games. Anybody can play these games but again they are tailor made for little girls.

Kids Games: There are numerous games online and all kids love all of them. Normally most of these specify the age group they are optimum for however still it is imperative for parents to know what their kid is playing on internet. These games are available in wide range.

Ben10 Games: Kids love Ben10 games and this is because it is about a small boy who is ready to fight all the bad guys in order to protect earth. This small guy is like an inspiration for young kids around. There are many Ben10 toys available in the market and it is one of the most popular games amongst kids nowadays.

How to Find the Best Funny Games and Cool Games

Since the 1980’s the concept of playing computer games have been very popular. The playing mania first started with Atari, Sega and Nintendo sets, as you could buy a game cartridge and play it to your heart’s content.

There were several games that were popular such as Mario Brothers and Pac Man at the time. However, as time progressed, the video technology as well as the sound technology advanced too.
As a result, much more complex games became invented and pretty soon, computer games were as popular as game consoles.

Perhaps the first popular game on PC were special mind boggling that you had to think about before answering.

As a result, puzzles and cool math games became pretty popular in the PC as you could think and play at the same time. You could find chess as well as mind adventure episodes as these types became quite popular.

As times progressed, other types of games started to become more popular.

Pretty soon, various funny games were becoming popular and this led to cartoon character games. to become popular, too. Thus, it was possible to find various Ben 10 games, Miley Cyrus and even Spongebob games. This way, you can assume the role of your favorite characters and enjoy yourself as you play these cool games.

Nowadays, due to the wide availability of the internet, the concept of playing games has become more widespread than ever. Just by doing a simple Google search on the net, you can find hundreds of car games or different web sites that will offer you thousands of different cool games.

Whether you are looking for dress up games doesn’t matter, as you can definitely find a web site to cater to your needs. Most websites will offer you these interesting games for free, as you can easily log on online and play them.

This way, you will be able to play them anywhere and anytime. However, it is essential that you find a safe web site to play these funny games.

Car Games – Fast and the Trendy!

Games are the best medium to relinquish your stress and strain and start something fresh. These online-games have become very popular among us. We enjoy these online challenges while working and kids usually play such games with their friends. Many of them are available through the portal but the car-games are among the most celebrated games.

Car games such as motocross, four wheels, and speed racer etc are among the most popular games available. You just have to register on a game portal and can just start your favorite game. There are many sites where you don’t have to register. Car video-games are very competitive and with the new multimedia technology, the game interface has evolved to a very realistic and vibrant console. Car-game is very edgy and gives a rush to the player making it more intriguing. They have a lot of style, niche, and variants. Car games mostly lure the boys while girls do not get along the whole feeling.

Dora games are especially made to allure the female populace. The game is all about dressing, putting the make up of the animated figure, using accessories which we use in daily life etc. It about enjoying and earning points by dressing your animated figure in a most stylish and unique fashion. You might have noticed girls of all age love and enjoy these games. Dora gives every possible accessory from lipsticks, to eye liners, to brushers, to the whole make up kit. This is a very unique game and has a received a lot of appreciation from the gaming critics.

Such video-games uniquely takes off stress and provides us every minute stimulant to overcome the pressure from the day to day affair. So irrespective of your age, I am sure you will enjoy these games.

Online Bike Games for Kids – A Great Way to Have Fun

When it comes to entertainment and decent way to pass the time, you can surely find different ways to help you with. Even with the specific age group, there are certain means that can be a really cool way to have fun. Especially with kids, they are always looking out for things that can make them happy, and games tend to do that. This is the reason why there is so much variety available when it comes to games for kids.

Right from bike games, to board games, you can expect many options available for kids. Though not all the kids are able to fulfill their gaming passion by involving in outdoor sports, indoor games come as a better substitute. Especially after the invention of online games, there is so much for the kids look out for and certainly based on their convenience.

Amongst so many games, car or bike games are one of the most popular games played by kids. You can either see them playing with remote controlled cars, chasing around the blocks, competing with friends or playing car games online.

Earlier, it may have seemed a bit worrisome to play online car games because of the potential virus threat to your computer or paid services, but things have changed since then. Today, the bike games online have become free, there are hardly any websites that charge you for it and if you think the free ones are filled with virus then that is nothing but a wrong notion, because the free car games are certainly safe. It all comes down to what web source you choose and how you choose.

To make sure that you don’t end up spoiling your computer with virus, go with the most reputed website for car games. Try using the search engines as a source to help you find one because the best rated and most hit websites are listed on the first page of the search engines.

Cars and Action Games

When it comes to little boys, most of them have an instinctive attraction to cars and action games. As they grow up, little boys usually prove to have the same passions, so it would be a pity to stop them from enjoying every single moment of them. Little boys love cars and everything that comes along with them. They love car games that involve racing, but they also love having the opportunity to tune their own car. Luckily, the internet now provides them with a great variety of car games, and, as if this wasn’t enough to rise up their adrenaline, action games are quite accessible as well. If you have a little girl who seems to have the same passions, you shouldn’t worry, as cars and action games have been specifically designed to suit both genders. Both little boys and girls have the possibility to get active with different race games and other action games they might be fond of.

Different Types Of Car Games

Car games come with in all types and sizes. Gaming companies are constantly renovating their game strategies to find better and bigger buyers for their products. With action and war games attaining new levels of popularity, car game manufacturers are trying equally hard to keep up with the market standards. Some of the popular car game categories are listed below.

Car racing games: Car racing is the oldest and most exciting form of games ever made. Still today kids start their gaming experience with racing games. They are simple to understand and exciting to play. Car racing has always been the hot favorite among small kids as young as 5 to 7 years old.

Racing games have undergone lot of transformation and the new age games are totally different from their decade old versions. Today’s racing games come with highly customizable options. You can choose your favorite track, favorite brand of racing car, geographical location and finally set the difficulty levels to suit your standards. Advanced games come with simulation features that are meant to influence the driving. There are special racing game pads available for players who need more realism. These video game pads come with a steering wheel, accelerator, clutch and brake pedals that work in coordination with the game’s command system.

Car chasing games: Chasing games are interesting and demands lot of involvement from the player’s side. Chasing games involve lot of racing skills and an expert racer can master these games rather quickly. Different types of car chasing games available nowadays. Some are really interesting while others are quite simple. These games are designed for kids belonging to different age groups. Most of the games involve chasing between cops, criminals and thefts. The player can choose the role he wishes to play. The options may be limited in certain games regarding the choice of characters or tasks.

Car parking games: Parking games are fun. As the name suggests a player has to park his car into the given slot. Now that sounds rather boring but once you start playing, you will know that it is not as easy as it sounds. Imagine parking your real car into a tricky, unorganized and cramped parking lot. It would take you some time and lot of concentration. The controls used for parking a car are more complex than driving in a race or chase.

Car theft games: There is a growing demand for Auto theft games. They are exciting and adventurous. Mainly they involve the task of stealing cars. The players act as criminals and are assigned with various illegal tasks including stealing, abducting or assassinations. These games are usually quite big and they take lot of time for the player to get through the entire game. They are often made interesting with complex plots and several characters.

Playing Car Games

For most of us, car racing is a dream hobby. Most of us associate it with ideas such as racing in high speed, dressing up in car suits and getting fantastic cars. But don’t worry; these dreams may just be fulfilled by what technology has given us by car games.

Nowadays, people often play games for entertainment and leisure. Most of these can be played on-line, off line or through varieties of game consoles with our televisions. Due to the increase contribution of technology to the gaming field, most of them include high-quality graphics and sounds, making them more visually real and interactive.

Depending on the game, there are many features that can be included in the game itself. Such features include real-like championships, abilities to customize one’s car appearance, interactive competitions with other players’ on-line, different levels of race tracks and many more. Some of them require game consoles such as steering wheels to play. However, what matters most is the gamer’s ability to play the game. Right timing and strategies are just among the basic key factors to be considered in winning a car or racing game.

Due to the high competence found in car racing games, most people find it entertaining. Scenes such as racing against another user are just a common scenario in these games. Furthermore, single player car racing games can be found as well. In this type of games, other car competitors are controlled by the computer.

Game developers often find other strategies in making these games more realistic and lively. They constantly find more ideas in making car games more fun to play and at the same time, unique from others. Although these are tasks not easy for developers, it is quite rewarding for them to have their games appreciated by its users.

Moreover, car games can be of great help to aspiring or existing car drivers. It gives them basic tutorials and education regarding car parking or movement. This in turn, can help them understand how to drive safely and accurately. Although this is applicable to car parking games, car racing games can also educate players on the proper usage of speed in racing.

Although car games are widely used by kids, they can also be played by adults. In fact, any player of any age can play these games. After all, all you need is to know how to get the cars starting, and voila, you’re on your way to be the #1 car racer in the game!

23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!

How many of you find that travel or riding to or from an event, school or camp accounts for some of the quality time you have with your children? Instead of spending that time in silence or frustrated because you are listening to the same child-music CD for the 18th time that day, try a fun car game. These games often lead to laughter and memorable moments. These are also great when trying to keep children entertained in lines, waiting rooms, etc.

Here are a few that I have learned over the years, heard about from friends, or created with my daughter.

Guessing Games

Car Colors: Choose a time limit such as 10 minutes or 30 minutes – depending on the length of the drive. Have each rider make a guess about how many cars of a certain color will be spotted during that time. The closest guesser wins. You can also do this in “sprint fashion” by using 3 -minute intervals as your time limit. Whoever is closest gets a point for that time segment. The first one to 5 points wins.

Odd or Even: Each player makes a guess at how many of the next 20 license plates will end with an even number. The one who is closest wins. It helps to have a little tally chart to keep score. You can lengthen the game by increasing the number of license plates.

Spy: You are probably familiar with this one. One player announces something that they see and the other players try to guess what it is by asking questions. The only trick when doing this while driving is that it has to be something that won’t go out of view – like the sky, the road, etc. Someone announces that they “spy” something and gives a clue. Example: I spy something blue. The players then take turns guessing until some one gets it. Whoever guesses correctly starts the next spy-turn.

20 Questions:One person thinks of a famous person, place or thing. Everyone else is allowed to ask the player 20 questions which can only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next person to think of something. (We play this without a limit on the number of questions.)

Observation Games

The Alphabet Game: I am sure you know this one! Each player sequentially works through the alphabet looking for something that starts with a specific letter. For example: A might be apple tree or a word on a sign. Once a player finds an A word, they move onto B. (Have fun with Q, X and Z!) The first rider to work through the alphabet wins. Variation: Use only letters found on billboards, or letters on license plates.

The Animal Game:If you are in more rural areas where cars aren’t abundant, try the animal game. Keep on the lookout for animals and when you see one be the first to make the animal sound. For example if you saw a cow you would say “moooo.” The first person to make the animal sound wins a point. Play to a designated number of points. You can make this game a bit more complicated for older kids by adding a designated number of points depending on the commonality of the animal – i.e. cows are 1 point, pigs are 2 points, etc.

Find it First:Choose an item such as Volkswagen bugs, farms, people taking walks, silos, etc. Then choose a number like 5 or 20 depending on the length of your drive. See who can find the designated number of the chosen item first.

Music Games

Hum-Along: One rider hums a song and the other passengers try to guess. The person who guesses goes next. The first one to guess 3 right wins.

Radio Game 1:Hit the “scan” button on your radio until it stops on a song. The first person to guess the artist wins.

Radio Game 2:This isn’t so much a game but a way not to fight over music! The first person to take a turn goes through the dial until they find a song they like. You then listen to that song until completed. Then the next rider does the same, etc., etc. The only rule is that if you go all the way through the dial without finding a song you like then you need to listen to the last song you land on or lose a turn.

Radio Game 3:While the radio is off, each rider chooses a word. Turn the radio on. The winner is the person whose word is spoken or sung first.

Creative Thinking Games

Story-Telling:One passenger starts a story with a single sentence. Then the next person adds a sentence. Continue until you build a complete story.

The Question Game: Take turns asking open and thoughtful questions and allowing each person time to answer. Examples:

If you were on a deserted island and could only take 3 things, what would you take and why?

Who are your mentors/heroes and why?

If you won the lottery what you do with it?

If you could have lunch with a famous person, who would you pick and why?

Note: If you really get into this game, you can purchase small books called “The Book of Questions” at most bookstores that give you a ton of subjects to choose from!

Word Games

Word Sequence: Choose a topic such as animals, places, television shows, people, fruit, etc. Name something in your category. If you choose animals you might say “panda.” The next player has to name an animal that starts with the last letter of your animal. In this example, their animal would have to start with the letter “A” such as “alligator.” Play continues until someone can’t think of a word. They are then eliminated. When you have only 1 person left, they are the winner. You cannot use any animal name twice. (If you are playing with real young children, let them have the handicap of being able to use the same word twice).

The Round Game: My daughter made up this one and we have had great fun with it. Even my best friend who is single and childless enjoys this game over dinner with us. We choose a topic such as vegetables, board games, television shows, cities, types of cereal, flowers, movies, etc. Then we name something within that category. For example for cereal the first player might say “Cheerios.” Then the next player names a cereal. Play continues until someone can’t think of an item, then they are “out.” Play continues until there is only one person left. For young children, let them have three “passes” as a handicap.

The Rhyming Game:Someone picks a word to start with, such as “ball.” The next player has to come up with a word that rhymes. Play continues until someone cannot think of a rhyming word. As always, give younger players a hint or two. You make the game more difficult for older kids by having each player recite the previous list of words before adding their own.

Tongue Twisters:Choose a person that you all know, example, “Sara.” Then start with a phrase about that person that uses only the first letter of her name such as “Sara says strawberries…” take turns adding “S” words with as few “connectors” as possible (a connector is a word that doesn’t start with S) to see how silly of a tongue twister you can create!

Memory Games

My father/mother owns a grocery store:One player begins the round by stating, “My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells (something that begins with the letter A; e.g., ant traps).” The next player states, “My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells ants traps and (something that begins with the letter B; e.g., bananas). “Play continues with each player having to recite the current list and then add something that begins with the next sequential letter of the alphabet. For young players, offer them “3 strikes” where you will help them if they forget the list. Adults–sorry, no handicap for you!

Variation: You can vary this game to match your interests or those of a child. Example:

My mother owns a clothing store and in it she sells ____________

My brother owns a music store and in it he sells -______________

My sister works as a producer and she has produced __________ (insert television show)

My father owns a bookstore and in it he sells _________________

Just Plain Silly Games

Laugh A Lot: Choose a player to keep a straight face. The rest of the players choose a silly answer for the player to use such as “My shoe.” Then players take turns asking questions such as,

What do you brush your hair with?

What is your favorite snack?

Who is your hero?

Where is your favorite vacation destination?
The player keeping the straight face has to answer with “My shoe,” while trying to keep a straight face. If they laugh then play passes to someone else and a new phrase is established.

Math Games

Add-it-up: Call out the numbers on the license plate and see who can add up the numbers the quickest. For example D572-43X – players would have to calculate 5+7+2+4+3. Whoever answers correctly gets a point. The one who reaches 5 points first is the winner. (No calculators allowed.)

Games that Require a Bit of Preparation

Travel Bingo:Make a bingo board with color names in the squares. Print out several on your home computer. As you drive, players place an X when they see a car of the specific color. You can add to the excitement by letting each car only be used by the first person to “call it.” Try 4 corners, blackout (filing up the whole card) making an X on the card, etc.

Variation: Make a “mixed” car board and include different types of items on the card such as:

Fire truck

Stop light

Grocery store

National Historic Monument

Lake or Pond


Police Car


Speed Talking: (You will need either a timer or watch with a second hand)
Choose a topic and then talk for 60 seconds straight without repeating yourself or pausing. One point is awarded if you accomplish the goal. Take turns playing to a designated number of points depending on the length of your drive. If someone makes it 30 seconds, award them ½ a point.

Game for a Tired Driver

Statue:On a long trip and need some quiet time? Play a round of statue. The person who can stay still and quiet the longest wins!

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